Permanent Make Up Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Permanent Make Up Guide

Do you want to wake up every day already looking your natural best? The Permanent Make-Up (PMU) treatment can make that happen for you! This makeup treatment enhances your natural beauty by improving the appearance of the eyebrows, eyes, and lips.

Find out everything you need to know about the Permanent Makeup treatment by Beauty Lab Studio.

What is the Permanent Make Up Treatment by Beauty Lab Studio?

The Permanent Make Up treatment by Beauty Lab Studio consists of three distinct parts: the Lip Blush, the Powder Eyebrows, and Microblading. However, the service is customized based on each individual’s needs and beauty goals. After all, this treatment aims to enhance your beauty naturally.

We only use the highest-end equipment for maximum beauty effects and safety. And we only employ the latest techniques and extensive training in producing the best permanent makeup and color theory. Even the pigments we use are of the highest quality for better color retention.

Let’s learn more about the specific treatments we offer in the field of permanent makeup.

The Lip Blush

Our Lip Blush technique improves the appearance of your lips with nothing more than the magic of semi-permanent makeup. We accomplish this improvement in two parts: enhancing the natural color and refining the shape of your lips.

The Lip Blush technique can cover up imperfections in your lips, such as hyperpigmentation, slight misshapes, and fading color. Ultimately, the Lip Blush treatment will make your lips perfect for any social event without the use of additional makeup. And as an added benefit, this treatment poses no risks and has no associated side effects; it is entirely safe.

The process is quick – ranging from thirty minutes to a full hour, depending on the outcome you want to have. It begins with you choosing the color you want for your lips. Our color selection ranges from natural hues to bold tones!

A professional consultation will help our artists gauge your natural lip color and assess any existing pigment in your lips. Then you will receive professional recommendations that will give you the options you can take to achieve the results you want.

The actual treatment consists of inserting the pigment into your lips using microneedles finer than hair follicles. You can choose how the results will appear in both shape and color intensity; the treatment is entirely customizable. The results of the treatment are natural-looking.

This safe, permanent makeup technique will need about a week to heal before you can enjoy your new natural look.

The Powder Eyebrows

The Powder Eyebrows technique is technically a tattoo but with a soft and powdery airbrush finish. It results in a semi-permanent fuller eyebrow that will accentuate the beauty of your eyes. With the Powder Eyebrows technique, you can also choose to correct the shape of your eyebrows.

The treatment is perfect for those looking for an immediate long-term solution for sparse eyebrows, over-tweezed brows, or alopecia. The powder eyebrows technique gives your eyebrows the illusion of being naturally full.

The Powder Eyebrows treatment requires a steady hand from the artist. The slow art of pigmenting the skin may take about three and a half hours.

The effects of the powder eyebrows treatment naturally last for more than a year, sometimes two. Then they will gradually fade. After that, you can schedule another maintenance treatment session. A touch-up session usually lasts a couple of hours.

Though not exactly a permanent solution, the powder eyebrows permanent makeup treatment still lasts longer than the traditional eyebrow tattoo.

Like the lip blush treatment, the powder eyebrows treatment is also safe.


Microblading sometimes referred to as 3D brows, is the manual technique of creating hair strokes on the eyebrows using sterile blades carrying pigment. It is an alternative to using a machine and is considered a semi-permanent makeup procedure. In this procedure, the artist uses hand-held blades to gently deposit pigment color on the topmost layer of the skin, called the epidermis.

The gentle gliding of the blade will leave a trace that is almost impossible to distinguish from actual human hair. At Beauty Lab Studio, the artists work with you to achieve your desired look and shape for your eyebrows and make them work to complement your natural facial features while matching your unique style.

Microblading is a fantastic treatment option for anyone looking to improve their eyebrows’ shape and perceived thickness. The results look like natural hair, perfect for those who suffer from health conditions that affect their hair or for people simply unhappy with how their brows look.

Some people might wonder if there is a difference between the powder eyebrows and the microblading treatment for the eyebrows. The microblading treatment is manual – it is a lot more deliberate and takes its time with individual hair strokes. Microblading is more controlled and specific and requires more skill from the artist.

This treatment is completely safe and guarantees satisfactory results.

How Much Do the Permanent Makeup Treatments Cost?

Our consultation for permanent makeup treatments costs $50 and will last for half an hour. The Powder Eyebrows procedure costs $650, while the Lip Blush permanent makeup costs $550. Both the powder eyebrows touch up and the lip blush touches up cost $300.

It’s best to work with an experienced aesthetician for permanent makeup. An aesthetician is a trained, certified, and licensed skin care professional.

Beauty Lab Studio’s Liana is an aesthetician with more than four years of experience. Permanent makeup is just one of the skills she picked up during her years, helping others become more naturally beautiful.

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