Does a Lash Lift Make Your Eyelashes Fall Out?

Does a Lash Lift Make Your Eyelashes Fall Out? | Beauty Labs Studio

The cosmetic industry gets a bad reputation from people who don’t deeply understand it; such people think that medical aesthetics is terrible for you in the long run. In the case of a lash lift, people believe that it will make your eyelashes fall out in the long run. This post discusses how that rumor is untrue, what a lash lift is, how it works, its benefits, and potential adverse results.

Let’s begin.

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift procedure is like a perm, except for your lashes. It alters your natural lashes’ natural shape and color to make them thicker, darker, and longer looking. The procedure manually lifts your lashes from the roots to make them longer; then, it straightens, curls, and lengthens your lashes.

How a Lash Lift Procedure Goes

The treatment begins with a cleaning of your eyes. Then, the provider places a light eye patch on your bottom lashes to protect them. Next, the cosmetician puts a silicone rod on your upper lashes and sticks the lashes on the rod using adhesives.

The cosmetician will use a chemical solution to make the eyelashes softer and susceptible to molding on the rod. The provider will wait ten minutes before applying another chemical solution to stiffen up the lashes and seal them in their new shape. After another ten minutes, the beauty therapist clears away the stiffening chemical.

The last step of the process is tinting the lashes with a glossy black dye. The entire procedure lasts only about forty-five to an hour.

Your eyes will be closed the entire time – which may seem strange at first but will soon feel relaxing. The primary concern about lash lifts is that people will be working just millimeters away from your precious eyes. But don’t worry, the treatment does not hurt.

The idea that a lash lift will make your eyelashes fall out and destroy your eyes in the long run is just another beauty treatment gone wrong horror story. Let’s examine where the idea came from and how to deal with it.

Is a Lash Lift Safe?

The short answer is, yes, a lash lift is safe. However, like any other cosmetic or medical treatment, risks are involved. The stories about lash lifts causing eyelashes to fall out are not entirely baseless.

Such events occur when the people working on your lashes are careless and non-professional. The problems that result from a lash lift are due to the improper use of the chemicals or tools necessary for a proper lash lift. You have to work with a trained, certified, experienced, and professional cosmetician to prevent such issues.

For example, leaving the chemicals used for a lash lift around your eyes for too long can damage the follicles. The softening and stiffening chemical solutions must only be on your lashes for ten minutes each. Any longer than that, and they can cause damage to your lash follicles and make the lashes too brittle.

A few weeks or even just days after the treatment, you may notice your lashes falling out of your eyelids. Such complications could be easily prevented if the healthcare provider is careful and maintains professionalism throughout the treatment.

You don’t have to be concerned about those complications with Beauty Lab Studio’s lash lift treatment. We use uniquely shaped lifting pads that will lift your lashes even before we apply chemical products. These pads partially get the job done, therefore removing the need to keep the chemicals around your eyes for so long.

The Risks of Lash Lift

Aside from the lashes potentially falling out a few days or weeks after the treatment, there are other possible adverse reactions to a lash lift.

Eye Irritation

People with sensitive skin might find that the chemicals used in a lash lift are too irritating. Furthermore, if the chemicals get into your eyes, they can cause irritation and a burning sensation.

Over and Under Curl

Choosing the perfect silicone rod shape is essential. Different lash types among various patients require specific curling rods. The wrong rod might curl your lashes too much or not enough, both of which are discouraging results.

Potential Reversal of the Results

If everything in your treatment goes right, you have to take care not to do certain activities that can lead to your lashes reverting to their original shape. A lash lift needs time to settle in; in the first couple of days after the treatment, avoid strenuous activities that make you sweat or get your eyelashes wet. You have to learn how to shower without getting water around your eyes.

If you get your newly lifted lashes wet during this critical time, you may have to have a tune-up treatment.

The Effects of a Lash Lift Procedure

The effects of a lash lift usually last for around six to eight weeks, but it can vary from patient to patient. You don’t have to schedule maintenance treatments during that six to eight weeks, but you may have to repeat the procedure after that period to lift new lashes after that period.

How Often Do You Need Lash Lifts?

The lifespan of eyelashes is around two months. You may notice that the lifted lashes will fall out within six to eight weeks of the treatment, and new hair growing in their stead. The curled lashes should fall without making your eyelids look weird.

If you want to maintain your new look, you may wish to get the treatment a month after the initial procedure if you feel like it. But at most, you have to get lash lifts every two months, give or take.

Avoid Awkward, Bald Eyelids. Talk to Beauty Lab Studio!

To avoid unaesthetic and displeasing bald eyelids after a lash lift, you need to work with someone experienced in the field. Liana is that someone. Contact Beauty Lab Studio through the site contact us page, phone at 347-304-8282, or email at [email protected]. You can find Beauty Labs Studio at 767 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10065.


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